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Kurt Wild’s Straight Confession

Kurt Wild’s Straight Confession

Kurt Wild revealed on New Year’s Eve that he’s straight and married with 3 children. Gay for pay is nothing new but twinkie Kurt Wild bottoms with passion in all his scenes and came as a surprise to me.
Kurt Wild in Gigolo by Lucas EntertainmentKurt Wild in Brotherhood by Buckshot

Here’s what he wrote on his Yahoo! Group:

That is a very good question.. Kinda like asking why an 18 year old “straight porn” fan turns “sexual” and decides that instead of performing in straight films chooses to start a line of work in Gay Adult Films. Right? I say that adult films are out there to reach all of us, both sexual and lonely. To me our work keeps us all young at heart and healthy as a bee on a flower. It’s not about being able to honestly say you work in the adult industry, it’s
about showing everyone sexual and vivid views of entertainment and pleasure. It’s about actors, models, and performers working together for YOU!!!! I was very nervous when I first started but that all went away once I realised how unselfish a “porn star” could be. In my case, I am married with 3 children. I hope that doesn’t turn people away thinking I don’t take my work to heart, becasue I certainly do:) Everyone in my home town knows about my work and still love me for who I am. My children like many will probably not ever quite understand what I see, but that changes little to
nothing about me. My having a family and learning how to better respect myself and others has guided me to a better dream for the future.

I am so very thankful to be a part of adult films with other men because of how strong we keep eachother in our group, and that is how I want our NEW YAHOO GROUP to be:) If we talk and work together then I feel it is only natural for me to get better and better for all of you and for my heart. I don’t go into drama or people in this group so I choose to leave out names or instances of anyone who believes that they got me into adult films. Anyone claiming to do so needs to watch more Kathy Griffin and Fuck Off lol. This is my decision and my place in the world so just keep in mind that I love you all~

if you look closely in this photos, he’s got his wedding band on.
Kurt Wild in Endless Crush by Falcon
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