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I Prefer the Bigger RJ Danvers

I Prefer the Bigger RJ Danvers

RJ Danvers posted a few stills of his newest release Rear Deliveries. I couldn’t help notice and worry that this Raging Stallion exclusive is becoming a Nicole Ritchie.

The guy is, how shall I say this? Thin! His ribcage and the bones on his shoulders are visible, the effects of his weight loss and possibly hard work at college are showing and it runs against the image of being a Raging Stallion exclusive. I know, he’s got abs now but I much prefer the RJ of 2007 when he started in porn with a bit of meat on him.

See the difference below of RJ in Rear Deliveries @ 2009 and Grunts @ 2007.
RJ Danvers in Rear Deliveries by Raging StalionRJ Danvers in Grunts by Raging Stallion

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