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Hot Fucks: Andrew Justice, Matt Rush, Leo Giamani, Jesse Santana

Hot Fucks: Andrew Justice, Matt Rush, Leo Giamani, Jesse Santana

Andrew Justice at Rock Hard JocksAndrew Justice at Rock Hard JocksIt’s no secret that I adore Andrew Justice. He’s here at Rock Hard Jocks jacking off on the couch.
This is the last of the videos Andrew Justice did, once again stroking that mighty hard on. I like some of his facial expressions in this because you know he would make the same faces if you were buried between his legs blowing him, sitting on that delicious cock, or pinning his knees to his earlobes and fucking that needy ass!

So, if you like furry cubs you’ll enjoy some alone time with Andrew Justice at Rock hard Jocks!

Matthew Rush and Rod Daily at MalePerfectionGay icon Matthew Rush is paired with gay-for-pay star Rod Daily. Although they are quite different in terms of musculature, their bodies complement each other nicely. Watch as the two get into a muscle worship session, flexxing their oversized biceps and smooth flawless muscles. Though Matthew Rush is described as gregarious, he took control of the scene with the timid yet funny Rod Daily.

It’s probably the biggest “tease” video that produced, and if it drives you insane that Matthew and Rod don’t go for it, you can watch all the action in “Pounded Daily” at Rock Hard Jocks.

Leo Giamani Fucks Blake Riley at Randy BlueLeo Giamani fucks Blake Riley at Randy Blue.

Leo is looking better than ever with his muscles on top of muscles chiseled body and Blake seems to have mustered up every ounce of sexual energy to not only make this one of the hottest videos he’s done but also to knock Leo Giamani right out of his gym socks! Leo drives his giant manjammer right up Blake’s talented ass which almost sucked Leo’s entire cock into his hole as he jerks off furiously til it’s nearly too much for Blake as he spews his load all over himself with Leo still planted deep in his gut, and then dreamily accepts Leo’s spunk as it washes over him.

Jesse Santana fucks Kalleb at CockyBoysJesse Santana Fucks Kalleb at CockyBoys

Of all guys at CockyBoys, Kalleb picked Jesse Santana to open his ass. It’s the first time Kalleb bottoms and Jesse Santana wastes no time getting in there, causing grimace and grief in Kalleb’s face. Eventually he manages to work the dick all the way in his ass and starts riding it up and down but you can tell that Kalleb’s loving it and blows a fat load as Jesse fucks him in doggie and missionary styles.

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