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Kyle King, Berke Banks and Mark Dalton’s Weekend

Kyle King, Berke Banks and Mark Dalton’s Weekend

Steve Cruz, Kyle King, Berke Banks, Mark Dalton weekend
It was Dore Alley 2009 this past weekend in San Francisco which always a big porn star draw like its bigger brother Folsom Street Fair. There was Steve Cruz with Sister Roma, Kyle King hung out with his real life master whilst Berke Banks and Mark Dalton (in Texas and New York) worked hard raking in the dough.

Hot House exclusive Kyle King was spotted dressed in his slave garb of chain and padlock spending the day with his real life master TORSF. For those who may not know, my favourite Hot House pretty boy Kyle King prefers kinky BDSM play in his private life and is in a master/slave relationship the past year for TOR who has a partner AceSF.
Kyle King and TOR at Dore Alley 2009Kyle King and TOR at Dore Alley 2009Photos by JP San Francisco Flickr
Kyle King Recon as Heavylifter
Kyle King Recon profile (heavylifter)
TOR Recon profile (TOR), TorSF
Click to view profile of Kyle King’s sir: TOR
Kyle King at Hot House gallery

The weekend also drew gay-for-pay star Berke Banks, who just appeared in Movers N Shakers with Paul Wagner, to San Francisco but mainly for work. It seems that Berke Banks is moving up fast from the college college guy at Sean Cody to working with the big boys at COLT on the weekend according to his Tweets. Berke‘s first scene of the weekend was shooting with Jet Set on Friday then spending Saturday and Sunday shooting for COLT director John Rutherford in a scene partnered with Nate Karlton (Nate Kalton Twitter) and COLT Man Mitch Branson.
Berke Banks blog
Berke Banks Twitter
Berke Banks, Mitch Branson, Nate Karlton for COLT
Berke Banks Twitter 26 July 2009

Then there’s Mark Dalton in New York City Splash Bar July 24 and down in Texas July 25 appearing on stage for the first time since his release. The 29 year old hunk looks as hot as ever and brought in the largest crowd to the club in years.

Mark Dalton dancing in San Antonio, TX July 2009Mark Dalton dancing in San Antonio, TX July 2009
Photo by Gorgeous Boys Twitter

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