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Proof that Girth Brooks is Gay for Pay

Proof that Girth Brooks is Gay for Pay

Girth BrooksGirth Brooks
It’s a pretty well known fact that there are many gay-for-pay porn stars out there simply because gay porn pays so much better than straight porn. Girth Brooks is a recent gay-for-pay entrant and his Twitter proves it. Girth Brooks posted several pictures posing seductively with grilfriends and the only Twitters he follows are those of hot female porn stars. This doesn’t deter him for cock and ass as he tweeted he will be shooting with Mustang in early December.

Girth Brooks Twitter
Girth Brooks photographed by Berke Banks November 2009
If you miss hairy Girth Brooks, catch his first scene being with buddy Berke Banks at ManAvenue. The two are even now roommates.
Girth Brooks Twitter
Girth Brooks Twitpic

  • cutlass

    That definitely proves he’s straight. Now if he’d only get married, that’d cement it.

  • nick

    Not! Ever hear of bisexual?! Two words people: MEN LIE

  • Terry

    There’s no such thing as GAY for PAY! Anyone remember Jeff Stryker,and we all know he loves cock. I can tell Girth Brooks Is enjoying making these gay porno movies! Any guy with a Cock like that would have to be more Gay than straight! LOL!

  • crampo

    no offens but ppl hu believe this r so neive, if he isnt gay why is he so stiff as soon as he take his pants off??
    ppl can act straight of like terry sed he can b bi
    and not a lot of straight men wud do anythin with a guy even 4 money

  • Robbie

    I read that he was gay but I never thought so because you can just tell by the way he has sex. Also a picture with a woman means nothing any on can take a picture I say just say it and if you are not believed then fuck them.

  • claudia

    estranho!!!! se ele é hétero, pq não faz filmes héteros? essa desculpa de que faz filmes gays por dinheiro e que fora do set não transa homens é muito fraca. como diz meu amigo: vc se finge de égua que eu me finjo de cavalo, e ai…..

  • Christon

    I don’t care how any of the porn player defines themselves to be honest. Perhaps it is only because I have a life of my own, I don’t feel the need to know or approve of what/who they are in their personal lives.

    He’s a great looking guy with a beautiful fucking furry body and thick dick who seems even to be a decent person.

    What he does with all of these things when I’m not digging him doing his thing on film is really not my concern.

  • rendy

    i don’t believe that girth brooks is a straight man.i think he is really gay!!…
    because he always enjoy the film made..

  • joe

    fair play the man makes his money using his best assets why do people feel the need to label n box people let the man earn his doe he aint hurting anyone n if ya got it flaunt it and man hes got it

  • jaybird369

    In da’ world of gay porn, I think that ALL men (gay, straight or bisexual) should be MANDATORY REQUIRED to passionately kiss another man, suck another man’s cock and (MOST OF ALL!!!!!) agree to be fucked in the ass!!!!! The fact that Girth clearly REFUSES to do those 3 things on-screen makes him the WORST team player in gay porn…EVER!!!!! Girth, dude, either learn how to lock lips, suck another man’s cock and take it in the ass or RETIRE ALREADY!!!!! Rusty Stevens (who’s also straight) is NOT AFRAID to kiss another dude on-screen, suck cock and take it in the ass!!!!! Girth, Rusty is a REAL TEAM PLAYER!!!!! UNLIKE YOU, GIRTH!!!!! Plus, Rusty is a much better/much HOTTER actor than you!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

  • jaybird369

    To begin with, I TRULY AGREE with Nick…MEN DO LIE!!!!! And, Girth Brooks is (stupidly) living proof of that!!!!! Also, Parker London, Ken Mack and Sean Stavos (my 3 FAVORITES in gay porn) are DA’ REAL DEAL!!!!! Especially Parker, who is my TRUE FAVORITE!!!!! Parker has such a down-to-earth, easygoing and relaxed charm that makes me HAPPILY melt whenever I watch him on-screen…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Remember, Parker is openly bisexual and Ken is openly gay. As for Sean, to me, he seems to be openly bisexual. And, as for that arrogant Girth, he STILL REFUSES to lock lips with another dude, suck cock and take it in the ass/up the ass. He won’t even touch another dude’s cock or help bring another dude to orgasm. Hey, Girth, here’s an idea…RETIRE FINALLY!!!!! Girth, you give gay porn A VERY BAD NAME!!!!!

  • http://falconstudio poleclimber62

    what a waste of a good well hung pornstar like girth brooks to bad I wasn’t the woman i sure would enjoy that piece of meat. girth think twice

  • dan

    I would love to see Girth bang some tight pussy!

  • Troy


    The guy himself is putting himself in a box when he says he’s straight, a box where people inside it wouldn’t accept him, since real straight men would never consider a man who have sex with another man straight.

  • alex

    HI friends, qualcuno conosce il suo vero nome?

  • titan

    this is ridiculous… i am 100% gay, and there is no money in the world that could make me having sex with a woman… i did try, and guess what, it just doesn’t work… i don’t know what this guy thinks about his tweeter posts and what he is trying to prove with them… but, not many left around believe in fairytales…

  • bigdaddy

    i agree with jaybird. i’m sick of these gay-for-pay mofos, but it’s our fault because we continue to support these cunt lovers who seem to be telling us we are gullible enough to think we can “wish” them gay. all we’re doing is providing them a salary to slap us in the face. hey, you wannabe gay porn stars…put up (everything) and shut up or get the hell out of dodge.

  • jaybird369

    big daddy makes a very valid point. I, also, am getting sick of these gay-for-pay CHUMPS!!!!! Some of these assholes claim that they’re gay-for-pay on-screen and straight in real life. B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!!! A few of them are VERY UNDERCOVER GAY in real life. Girth Brooks, for one, is an example of VERY UNDERCOVER GAY. And…I think that Girth is an arrogant, hypocritical and lying asshole. Bottom Line: I H-A-T-E lousy liars!!!!! BEYOND PATHETIC!!!!!

  • Butch

    To the person commenting on Jeff Stryker-let me ask you something did you ever see Jeff suck a dick or touch a dick or bottom for anyone. He is gay for pay. He doesn’t like cock he likes getting sucked off and fucking an ass. You close your eyes you cant really tell the difference. The same way with Girth he might touch a dick but he never sucks and he never gets fucked he likes to fuck and that is all close your eyes and you cant tell a female asshole from a male asshole Come on guys gay gus love cock touching it sucking and getting fucked by it if not fucking an ass and besides who the hell cares a movie is a movie -do you think you would ever hook up with them-snap to reality!

  • Butch

    oh these people who has to know the orientation of eveyone they come in contact with. I doubt any of them if asked to suck on Girth Brooks cock they would refused =so why in the hell does it matter. if you wish to limit yourselves to only with those who identify as being gay go right ahead. I for one one not limit myself and all those ppl who say oh how can he do that and how is his dick stay hard for a dude etc shit if I was making as much money as he was it would stay hard too

  • Jacobus

    To Butch regarding Jeff Stryker – there ARE films of Jeff Stryker sucking cock towards the end of his porn career. It was and is well known that he liked cock, but it was an image thing. The studios made more money passing him as straight for pay. There have been several porn stars that were marketed as total tops who did not reciprocate. One such porn star said to me (about his not sucking cock in film) “I suck cock every chance I get…but the directors decide what goes in the film.” As for Girth, it is more than likely (if not certain) he sexually versatile in reality (regardless if he is bisexual, closeted gay or simply refuses to indentify with either). However, non reciprocal tops sell films because there are a lot of gay guys who fantasize about straight men – and ‘Girth’ gives them the fantasy.

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