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Stockroom by TitanMen

Stockroom by TitanMen

Stockroom by TitanMen
TitanMen released their annual leather Folsom flick during the street fair last week. Titled Stockroom and with leather sponsored by the store bearing the same name, theres’s a lot or rubber, spitting, pissing and muscles in this three scene flick (plus bonus scene).

Going thru the photos, Spencer Reed is gargantuan and I had to take a second to digest that it was him. Newcomers TitanMen exclusive Aymeric Deville and Daniel Michael are also very hot in here. Other members of the cast are David Anthony, Jim Ferro, Tibor Wolf, Alessio Romero, and JR Matthews.

Stockroom by TitanMenStockroom by TitanMen

Stockroom by TitanMen

Stockroom by TitanMenStockroom by TitanMenStockroom by TitanMen

Aymeric DeVille in Stockroom by TitanMenAymeric DeVille in Stockroom by TitanMen

Spencer Reed in Stockroom by TitanMenSpencer Reed in Stockroom by TitanMen

Alessio Romero in Stockroom by TitanMenJim Ferro in Stockroom by TitanMen

JR Matthews in Stockroom by TitanMenTibor Wolfe in Stockroom by TitanMen

Daniel Michael in Stockroom by TitanMenDavid Anthony in Stockroom by TitanMen

Alessio Romero fluffing for Daniel Michael on the set.

Production assistant Diamondback Annie puts Tibor Wolf in position to receive a Francois Sagat 8″ Realistic Cock wielded by TitanMen Exclusive David Anthony.

Stockroom by TitanMen On Demand

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