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Lucas Men In Suit Lacking the Details

Lucas Men In Suit Lacking the Details

Adam Killian and Cavin Knight
“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery” and the guys of Men At Play must feel the compliment these days as we’re seeing a crop of websites are copying their formula of featuring men in suits – appealing to those like me into well dressed men in sheer socks and leather shoes.

The latest copycat scene comes from Lucas Entertainment‘s new title Gentlemen – Men In Suits starring Cavin Knight and Adam Killian. However, unlike the Brits who have a history a men’s tailoring, this American copy falls far short in details that makes it a lot less appealing than the pioneers Men At Play. The suits, the cufflinks, and sheer socks are there but what really cheapened the look are two details such as the rubber soled shoes and ill fitting shirtsCavin Knight has on whilst sucking Adam Killian. In the satorial sense, nothing is worse than an ill fitting garment and Cavin Knight‘s shirt has the biggest shirt sleeve in the scene which is visible as he’s sucking his co-star. The second flaw is the poor shoes selection, I know square-toe-rubber-sole-shoes are common in America but no real men should be caught wearing them as they are just plain cheap – and both stars have them on.

As hot as the guys are in the scene, these flaws are disturbing that I would spare my dollars for the real men in suits at Men At Play.
Adam Killian and Cavin KnightCavin Knight

Adam Killian and Cavin KnightAdam Killian and Cavin Knight

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