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Paddy O’Brian at Men At Play Is Hot

Paddy O’Brian at Men At Play Is Hot

Paddy O’BrianPatrick O’Brian

The newest guy at Men At Play is hot, seriously hot! A little digging reveals that this 24 year old has also appeared in as Patrick O’Brian. The guy is serious meat regardless in a suit or in athletic gear.

Paddy O’brian has the stunning looks both in a suit and stripped naked. The guy has a muscular body plus a sexy cockney accent and cheeky sense of humour that will make you all go week at your knees. However if you’re more the visual type, just watch as he takes out his fat, cock and strokes one of the nicest pieces of meat we have seen in a long time and we see a lot of meat! This is British prime beef at its very best.

Paddy O’Brian
Paddy O’BrianPaddy O’Brian

Patrick O’BrianPatrick O’Brian

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