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Spencer Reed Reveals His Wounds

Spencer Reed Reveals His Wounds

Spencer Reed27 stitiches later, Spencer Reed talks about gay domestic violence and reveals his wounds from an attack by ex-boyfriend Phillip Aubrey in his latest blog. Who would’ve thought that a guy as big as Spencer Reed would be attacked but it did happen and as he wrote, “the violence started from day 1 and it got worse everytime” including fists, punching, bricks, financial abuse etc.

The gay porn blogosphere and twitterland was all over the fight between Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed last week leading to the arrest of Phillip for assault and posession of weapon. The Sword confirmed that Phillip Aubrey has been charged in Washington D.C. on two counts: One simple assault charge and one charge of attempted possession of a prohibited weapon last week.

This stands in stark contrast to the loving relationship the two portrayed over the pasy year and a half. The two travelled together frequently for shows and performances and committed to being monogamous in their scenes earlier this year though that promise faded as quickly as it came.

Read Spencer Reed’s blog – The Damnage: Results of Gay Domestic Violence for more pictures and details.

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