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Jessie Colter is One Happy and Proud Bottom

Jessie Colter is One Happy and Proud Bottom

Jessie Colter
In gay porn, there are the gay-for-pay guys with girlfriends who are willing to open their ass for a paycheque on one side and on the opposite end of the spectrum there’s Jessie Colter who fucks with passion and is one proud bottom, even tweeting:

“Why is it so hard for some guys to understand I’m a bottom!? I’m not going to top you! I’m proud to be a bottom! Bottom pride!”.

Jessie Colter is one of the few pornstars who proudly claims his position and has the ass to back it all up – a perfect ass and amazing eyes that’ll draw in any dick he wants. It’s pretty impossible to miss this guy if you’re a gay porn follower as the Kentucky native has been on a filming rampage since his debut in March, having appeared numerous times for Lucas and TitanMen.

In essence, Jessie Colter was born to be fucked.

Read Books and Porn’s Interview with Jessie Colter for more talk with and pictures of gay porn’s hottest bottom.

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Jessie Colter
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Jessie Colter
Hunter Marx, Jessie Colter and Jayden Grey – Speechless Scene 3 TitanMen

Pics of Jessie Colter’s recent trip to L.A.
Jessie ColterJessie Colter

Jessie ColterJessie Colter
(source: Jessie Colter yfrog)

Jessie ColterJessie Colter
(source: gpcrush yfrog)

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