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Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse in Men In Love

I am on a Will Helm streak lately and the sexy Parisian appears in Men In Love by Lucas with Damien Crosse. The chemistry is real as they kiss deep and wet; their lips smack and their eyes are closed as they loose themselves in one another. The two beauties make love against the shores of Ibiza with Will taking the power in the relationship by sliding his dick deep inside the bottom and Damien taking every stroke with fervour.

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Bruno Knight Trains Kyle King

Kyle King is the ideal man, he’s one of those studs who looks ‘innocent’ enough you’d be proud to bring home to mom and nasty enough to spend a weekend locked up in a cage in piss and leather. That’s what Bruno gets here as Bruno Knight has his way with Kyle King in the fourth scene of Sektor 9 Part 1. Gees, Kyle is stunning as his ass gets abused and stretched looking fine in his rubber outfits. Kyle King is such a staple at Hot House that no other studio does him justice when they film him.

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