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Even the Tatts Looks Good on Troy Haydon

Every gay porn star has tattoos these days and it’s gets annoying when the ink covers so much of the body that I can’t even appreciate the skin. But somehow the tatts covering new porn actor Troy Haydon’s pectorals work, highlighting his huge pecs and framining his adorable AND handsome face.

Filmed at Nob Hill Theatre, the first scene of I Just Went For It by Naked Sword has British born Troy Haydon getting into the action with executive Ari Silvio when they meet on their lunch break. The two are passionate and I love the sight of Troy feasting on Ari’s ass.

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Australian Mathew Mason’s Juicey Ass

There was a lot of talk in the gay blogosphere of Australian porn star Mathew Mason‘s entry to American porn and his first scene has arrived. I knew this guy was hot and fun judging from the photos of him by Justin Monroe and he has proven himself. Mathew Mason taunts me with his juicey & accomodating ass in these shots for Sexclusives: Audition 45 by Lucas as he doesn’t hesistate to take Rafael Carreras‘ cock with his perfect buns.

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