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I Can’t Decide Between Lance Luciano and Topher DiMaggio in SYTYCF

I Can’t Decide Between Lance Luciano and Topher DiMaggio in SYTYCF

Two latest contestants at Dominic Ford’s SYTYCF III look so similar that I can’t decide who to root for. Both Topher DiMaggio from the fifth scene and Lance Luciano in the sixth scene have identical bodies with jet black hair and the same piercing ‘make love to me’ eyes. Boyfriend in real-life, the only noticeable difference is that Lance Luciano is versatile as he fucks and rides Mitch Vaughn in the sixth episode of SYTYCF III. However, Lance Luciano looks like a horrible bottom in the scene and I am surprised that Topher DiMaggio, a skilled top, hasn’t taught him to enjoy bottoming.

Both are handsome and fuckable. Can Dominic Ford make them both winners and fuck each other! brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

SYTYCF III, Episode 6: Mitch & Lance @

This week marks the middle point of the show. So, we sat down with team leaders Topher and Mitch and asked them about their team and what they think of Season III. We also asked the contestants what it has been like roughing it for all this time in the wilderness. Then, the boys compete in an ADULT cover shoot challenge. The winning photo will appear on the cover of interactive magazine ADULT which is free and available on any browser or downloadable on the iPad. Then, Lance and Mitch have a scorching hot flip flop scene in the outdoor showers. Finally, the judges weigh in and Shangela learns yet another new term! Who do they award 500 points to? Who wins the challenge? Turn in to find out!

Watch the full movie at brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

It’s mid-season at SYTYCF and the action is certainly heating up. In fact, the judges say this week’s sex pairing has the potential of being the hottest so far in the season! Topher DiMaggio and Derek Parker heat up the screen with their hot and aggressive sex. But first the contestants must complete a group challenge that pits team against team as the boys create the beginning of a porn movie set in the Wild, Wild, West. Cowboys, a Sheriff and RAPE. All that, plus more shade being thrown by Shangela and the rest of the judges this week on SYTYCF!

Watch the full movie at

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