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James Jamesson The Caveman

James Jamesson was the redhead on fire around 2010 but he got boring during the two years he was an exclusive at Next Door that I blogged of him only once in the past 12 months. James Jamesson changed so much in just the past two months that I had to take note and you really can’t miss him. The former grease head turned buzz cut has now become a caveman, reason being now that he lives in the woods and wants to fit in with nature, but he’s so hairy that Next Door couldn’t deal with it they fired him. Yes scruff and body hair is in but is the lumberjack look too much?

As one door closed, another opened as James Jamesson has been hired by hair-focused studio Raging Stallion and they’ve already shot a scene of burly James Jamesson sucking dick but it’s his own dick.

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I’m In Love With Colbra

Putting all the smut aside, I have a heart as well. Colbra, short for Colby Melvin and Brandon Robert Brown, are so adorable that I am in love. These two have it all – brains, brawns, and a heart as they are underwear models and LGBT activists by day and go-go dancers at night. Their love is so sweet it’s practically porn and it’s enough of a reason for me to follow them.

Since meeting on the photoshoot for Andrew Christian last year, 24 year old Colby Melvin and 28 year old Brandon Brown have fallen in love and this month the loving couple have moved in together in West Hollywood and branded themselves as Colbra on Twitter, a young couple committed to each other for a monogamous relationship. For two gay boys living in WeHo, these two seem to have a good head on their shoulders of what they want and where they are going that I can’t but feel happy for them.

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