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Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati Broke Up After They Filmed at Dominic Ford

Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati Broke Up After They Filmed at Dominic Ford brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

The once inseparable couple Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder have broken up after 6 months of relationship that involved Tate Ryder moving from London to America last autumn. The two were last spotted filming together late February and it raised my suspicions when the once common lovey-dovey tweets stopped and the giveaway was Tate Ryder’s announcement yesterday he found his own apartment in Fort Lauderdale then Trenton Ducati confirmed the break-up with me. Coincidentally, Dominic Ford released the scene today and accompanied it with the notice ‘Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder were boyfriends when we shot this scene. In fact, this is probably the last scene they shot together before splitting up.’

Regardless of the break-up, Trenton Ducati is one hot actor and Tate Ryder has an amazing ass.

Update: Dominic Ford sent out an email later on saying the tidbit on the two breaking up was sent in error and asked for bloggers to update. I don’t know if ‘sent in error’ meant it was not suppose to be announced or whether the two have made up and the message was no longer relevant.

Tate Ryder tweet

Another hot boyfriend shoot! Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are the couple highlighted this week. The scene is from Dominic Ford’s feature film “Silence of the Cams,” in which Trenton plays Clarence (aka Clarice) and Tate plays Lector. In this scene, Lector finally gets what he wants: Clarence. They’ve taken out all the acting that leads up to the scene so here you get just all the hot sex. If you want to see that, you’ll have to watch the full movie (available here).This scene shows two hot men at their best: having intense sex. If your an ass lover, you are going to love this movie. Trenton can’t stop playing with Tate’s ass. And watching Trenton’s huge cock go into Tate just puts this video over the edge! It ends with Tate getting cum all over him, and then Trenton licks it up. Tate take some of it from Trenton and licks it up too! This scene is super hot!

Watch the full movie at

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