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Newbies Jason Duval and Charles Durand at Men of Montréal

Men of Montréal is busy filming this month and Marko Lebeau introduces newbies Jason Duval and clean cut Charles Durand who moved from France to Montréal to be a chef but made a detour to gay porn. There’s an outdoor scene of Ben Rose and Lorenzo Star out in the snow and I applaud anybody who is able to get hard in the frigid cold as Lorenzo Star sucks Ben Rose in a park bench and a scene of Feliz Brazeau and Alexy Tyler.

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Beer Can Thick Hudson at Sean Cody

Sean Cody‘s latest find, Hudson, is too hot to be true he’s almost unreal. Hudson has a huge thick cock that’s dwarfed by his utterly unreal thick quads, so big like they were drawn by Tom of Finland. Better yet, this man is ruggedly handsome and smiles adorably in every shot enough to melt my heart. I have no clue if Hudson is a top or bottom but I love to lick down the thick line of dark fur running down his belly and taste his thick meat and even bigger butt.

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Handsome Riley Tess pounded by Paul Walker and Paddy O’Brian

Although it’s best mates Paul Walker and Paddy O’Brian who take the lead in Men of UK‘s new Lock, Stock and Cock Part 1, a parody to Guy Ritchie’s 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, I have my eyes locked on handsome Riley Tess who gets fucked by the two. The studs bang him from both ends before delivering dueling creamy facials. And that’s only Part 1. Stay tuned for Parts 2 (in which O’Brian gets together with boss man Serrano) and 3 (featuring Justin King in another threesome with Paddy and Paul). For more, visit Men of UK.

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