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I Am Stalking Marco Rubi in 2014

I Am Stalking Marco Rubi in 2014

Marco Rubi
I admit I can be a stalker when I see a hot guy like I stalked Kyle King‘s every move in 2010-11 or Liam Magnuson in 2013, so I hereby announce that I am stalking and will be blogging a lot about porn newcomer Marco Rubi in the coming year, all made easier now that Marco Rubi has twitter and instagram. Since his first appearances at Kristen Bjorn, I’ve searched far and wide for more of this angel because this Italian is simply too stunning – a muscular body, bubble butt, rosey red handsome face and shockingly an accommodating ass.

Originally Marco Taurus and now rebranded as Marco Rubi (cuz of his ruby red cheeks?) as few months ago, this Italian adonis Damiano Frascaroli began his life in front of the camera as a model in 2009 and you can even see numerous pictures from his modelling days under the name Damiano Frascaroli (his own tumblr tag). Marco has been the talk of the gay town since he shifted to gay porn at Kristen Bjorn in 2012. Few interesting tidbits about him: Bananas Ardiente blogged that Marco Rubi bartended in New York in 2012 and he revealed to Jay Roberts that he personally likes men with muscles, hair & tattoos such as Raging Stallion men. It explains why the scene or Marco Rubi and Rogan Richards at Men At Play last week was so intense.

Below are several selfies and behind-the-scenes of Marco Rubi and expect more blogs of this god in 2014.

Marco Rubi, Wagner VittoriaMarco Rubi, Donato Reyes
Marco Rubi on set with Donato Reyes during a Lucas scene and with Wagner Vittoria.

Marco RubiMarco Rubi

Marco Rubi selfies.
Marco RubiMarco Rubi

Marco Rubi from his modelling days.
Marco RubiMarco RubiMarco Rubi

Marco RubiMarco RubiMarco Rubi

Rogan Richards & Marco Rubi
Marco Rubi, Dolan Wolf
Marco Rubi, Dolan WolfMarco Rubi, Dolan Wolf

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