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Lucas Ent. Tried to Censor Me for Blogging the Obvious

Lucas Ent. Tried to Censor Me for Blogging the Obvious

My experience over the past six years as a gay porn blogger is that gay websites and studios are still trying to control everything that is written about them and try to crack down on any comment that deviates from the image they try to portray even if the message is true. Last week, Lucas Entertainment tried to censor my post about Trenton Ducati’s HIV status, titled Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas.

These days, I am no longer surprised when a gay porn star goes bareback and so Trenton Ducati’s conversion wasn’t exactly news. Along with the announcement of Trenton going bareback was that Trenton Ducati’s first bareback scene is a flip-fuck with openly HIV+ Blue Bailey. Anybody with a shred of knowledge about HIV knows that fucking a HIV-positive guy bareback, even if Blue Bailey is healthy and has untectable viral load, is playing with fire unless Trenton is already HIV positive and has no concerns of being infected. So it was pretty safe to say (no pun) that Trenton Ducati himself is HIV+ because no sane person would take his own health risk for the 1000 or 2000$ a gay porn scene pays.

Yes, I had no proof that Trenton Ducati was HIV+ but the logic was clear.

The post got the attention of Jett Black at Lucas Entertainment as soon as I hit ‘publish’ because he emailed me a few hours later asking me to remove the post about Trenton Ducati’s HIV status, saying he was not out and I need to respect it and accusing me of slander.

“Hi Jason,

We have noticed an article on with the title: “Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas”, concerning our brand and our performer Trenton Ducati, and though we appreciate the mention we don’t approve off undocumented “journalistic” or slander, especially not from our partners or affiliates.

You state in the title of the article that Mr. Ducati, “Comes Out as HIV+”, and mention it again in the article. Though I understand your point mentioned in the first paragraph, Ducati is not “out” in any official way as HIV+, and we should let it be up to the performers themselves to confirm their status, HIV+ or not, when and if they want to. Until then outing a performer as HIV+, is considered serious slander and to protect everyone the best, I suggest a change of the title.

We appreciate your affiliate work, and strongly hope you will follow our advise for a continuously good partnership in the future.


Jett Black
Marketing & Affiliate Manager”

Though I don’t have Trenton Ducati announcing his HIV status, I knew I wasn’t wrong. It’s a gay porn blog after all and I am entitled to my opinions and common sense so I ignored the email until Lucas Entertainment sent a follow-up email within 12 hours ceasing my affiliate payouts.

Unlike The Sword and its parent AEBN whose survival is dependant on affiliate and content dispursements from the likes of Lucas Entertainment, my gay porn blog Queer Porn Nation is a moonlight gig so my livelihood wasn’t threatened by Lucas refusal to pay me. I wasn’t gonna cave in to Michael Lucas’ bullying tactics and remove my post as Lucas demanded. Plus I wanted to tell readers that HIV does exist in bareback scenes and to take Michael Lucas preaching of Truvada pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with a grain of salt.

I responded:


Queer Porn Nation is my blog to share I find interesting in gay porn. There are opinions and speculation including the post made about Trenton Ducati. I understand that Trenton Ducati aka Zach Ivey is not out as HIV+ but his bareback scene with an openly HIV+ Blue Bailey pretty much disclosed his status. Prove me wrong. (There is no slander if the issue in question is a fact!) The blogosphere is already filled with the same hypothesis as my post.

However, by asking me to censor my words and terminating my affiliate programme gives me the impression you and/or Lucas is ashamed of openly hiring an HIV+ performer. Or is it that Lucas Ent. doesn’t want to admit that HIV exists despite going bareback? I just pointed out the obvious, that HIV does exist in your scene.

I will not be removing this post. If it pleases Lucas Ent or Michael Lucas, I can change the header to “Trenton Ducati Fucks w/ HIV+ Blue Bailey & Goes Bareback for Lucas”

To me, Lucas Ent. is censoring any talk of HIV in their scenes even though its obvious HIV exists as Blue Bailey is openly positive and Trenton Ducati’s willingness to fuck with him bare pretty much disclosed that status. I understand Lucas Entertainment is a porn business who only wants to paint a pretty picture of the sex in their website which I respect but he has no business in trying to affect what I write and I won’t cave in to his bullying as he put pressure on The Sword.

By the way, if Michael Lucas is so confident of the pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) he’s taking to prevent HIV, I like to see him get fucked and have a load of cum inside him from Blue Bailey on camera!

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