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Jimmy Durano fucks Jake Wilder poolside in Trunks 8

Being pool season, Hot House releases their annual Trunks flick filmed back in April in Palm Springs. Hot men laying by the pool in bikinis drenched in sweat can be a bit routine but without fail, it works, just look at Jimmy Durano’s bulging muscles and cock catch Jake Wilder’s attention in Trunks 8 scene 1. As hot as Jake’s ass looks in the scene, I couldn’t help drool over Jimmy Durano’s buns as he thrusts inside Jake.

Gay for payer Jake Wilder also has a threeway scene with Donnie Dean and Luke Adams for Trunks 8; then there’s Fabio Stallone fucking Sean Duran, and newcomer David Benjamin makes his début as well.

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Aussie Woody Fox Shaved His Head

Woody Fox unveils his shaven looks, a radical change from his signature thick shaggy hair, in his new Hard Brit Lads scene. Comment as you may, the Aussie still looks hot as he whips out his fat uncut cock for the camera and your eyes are locked onto it until Woody pumps out hot spunk all over his sweaty six pack. Squeezing out every last drop, Woody gives us a final look into camera as he catches his breath.

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Hot Or Not: Émeric Roussy at Men of Montréal

I can’t determine if this guy is hot or not. Men of Montréal‘s latest blond has hair longer than most girls – a little to feminate for me and he’s face isn’t stunning.

But Émeric Roussy looks hot when the hair is wrapped in a bun and he’s packed with 185-190 lbs. of pure muscle on his 5’6′ inches tall, and add in the fact he’s a construction willing to spread his ass. I just hope he’ll get into some man-to-man fuck soon.

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Alex Graham fucks Nick Sterling’s Marvelous Ass in Alpine Wood

If at any moment you doubt you are gay, just look at Nick Sterling‘s ass! It is a marvel that affirms our homosexuality.

Alex Graham just couldn’t ignore Nick Sterling’s ass in Alpine Woods Part 2 scene 3 and he doesn’t hesitate to probe the warm crack with his tongue and thumb before plunging deep in its depth. They fuck in perfect unison of action and reaction. Then they swap, and Nick rams Alex in the missionary position until each triggers the other’s climax and two cocks coat Alex in spooge.

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