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Dato Foland Being a Lucas Exclusive Spells Beginning of the End

Dato Foland Being a Lucas Exclusive Spells Beginning of the End

I love Dato Foland so much that I am awarding him the title as ‘Hottest gay porn star of 2014’ for both his look and performances but being a Lucas Entertainment exclusive, announced 2 weeks ago, may spell the beginning of the end for him. That’s because every Lucas exclusive’s career sees a drastic decline and oftentimes fade into oblivion after Lucas.

Unlike a CockyBoys or Falcon exclusive who can get hotter and more popular after they leave (think Tommy Defendi) not a single Lucas exclusive has managed that.

Vito Gallo was arrested when he charged into Lucas offices complaining lack of work last year and is nowhere to be seen since.

Trenton Ducati, who was essentially outed by Lucas as HIV+, left his exclusive contract only after one scene and is nowhere as popular as he was before being as Lucas exclusive.

Mathew Mason quit gay porn after falling apart with Lucas when he complained the studio never tested performer for STD as he had claimed to do.

Seth Santoro (a.k.a. Seth Treston) who left his Lucas exclusive contract after one scene because Lucas never paid him.

Perhaps it has to do with Lucas’ management style, milking performers for every drop of cum or the fact that it’s now a bareback site. Where does one go after bareback?

Dato Foland is currently in New York filming for Lucas Entertainment, one week after his appearance at their Folsom booth, and its surely going to be a bareback scene. I just wish Dato Foland gets paid and will survive after Lucas. He is commanding an astronomical rate as an escort during his New York stay, a whopping $750 for a fuck.

Dato Foland, Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas showing Dato Foland the sights of New York at High Line.

Dato Foland rentboy escort advert
Dato Foland rentboy escort profile for his stay in New York at $750 a pop.

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