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Couples Kyle King & Blue Bailey; Sean Zevran & Jimmy Boyer

Couples Kyle King & Blue Bailey; Sean Zevran & Jimmy Boyer

I had suspected when the two showed up for Barrister’s Ball two weeks ago and now Blue Bailey has confirmed it in a series of interviews at that he and Kyle King a.k.a. James are indeed boyfriends. The two “former porn stars’ met around Folsom this year which was just one month ago and are madly in love.

The last time we heard of Kyle King was in 2012 when he lived in Las Vegas so it’s likely has has moved back to San Francisco. Not exactly new, but Blue Bailey has confirmed his gay porn retirement and dedicating his time to law school. Below are several of Blue Bailey’s responses on regarding him and Kyle. According to the answer, Kyle King has no plan for gay pprn.

OMG! last night I had the best bottoming experience in my life! ever have an amazing fuck once in a while that really rocks you? oh Jeebus! I like plowing my boyfriend.

Are you in an open relationship? Yes

Who’s your new boyfriend? Is it Kyle King? Well I don’t call him Kyle but yeah

How did you explain Viral Loads to Kyle King, or was he one of the loads to begin with? He’s jerked off to that before he met me

What is Kyle King’s real name? Mistah J

Oh no! You snagged Kyle King? I thought he had better taste. Guess it’s time I remove his videos from my PC. I’m now disgusted with him. I’m disgusted you don’t have a Mac.

I just think Kyle King is an Adonis who can do so much better. Sorry, not sorry. I’ll let him know when I crawl in bed with him tonight. Sorry not Sorry

What has Kyle King been doing since he left porn? Me?

Besides you. I meant what has he been doing with his time since he left porn. Where has he been hiding? He is in permanent Peter Parker mode working a day job. I did get him to do a photoshoot with me

Nice. What kind of job is it? Professional? Yes. And he’s also a student

I noticed that Kyle King has his twitter feed protected. Why is he so private about his tweets? He doesn’t have a Twitter. That’s a fake account.

When did the two of you start dating? Also, will there be an exclusive release of a video of you and Kyle King fucking? Just after Folsom and No

Are you top and Kyle the bottom? Or is vers? Is your relationship open or monogamous? Open vers

James and Blue Bailey at Halloween party this week.
Kyle King a.k.a. James, Blue Bailey
Kyle King a.k.a. James, Blue BaileyKyle King a.k.a. James, Blue Bailey

Another new couple madly deeply in love is Sean Zevran and non-porn boyfriend Jimmy Boyer, who goes by Halcyonz on instagram. The two show the typical signs of puppy love as they share the sweetest moments all starting just starting this week on instagram.
Jimmy Boyer, Sean Zevran
Jimmy Boyer, Sean Zevran
Jimmy Boyer, Sean Zevran
Jimmy Boyer instagram

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