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Kyle King Reappears After 2 Year Absence

Kyle King Reappears After 2 Year Absence

My biggest porn crush Kyle King has resurfaced after a two year disappearance and I’m ecstatic to see he is alive and well!

These rare photos come courtesy of Blue Bailey’s tweets showing that he hung out with James a.k.a. Kyle King over the weekend in San Francisco. The two started with some latex paint scene, either for fun or for art, last week wearing only their jock straps, then they attended University of California, Hastings College of the Law Barrister’s Ball on 10th October 2014 dressed in suit and tie and wrapped up the week watching Blue Angels (part of Fleet Week) on a clear day yesterday.

At age 32, Kyle King still looks so fine and it seems he’s slimmed down since his bigorexia and steroid days back in 2009-2011. Kyle King’s last scenes were two years ago in 2012 and though it’s apparent the man has quit gay porn, he’s still hanging out with his gay porn star buddies.
Kyle King

Kyle King, Blue BaileyKyle King, Blue Bailey

Kyle King, Blue Bailey

Kyle KingKyle King
Kyle KingKyle King, Blue Bailey

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