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Eric Nero’s Big Smile Riding Ricky Decker

Eric Nero’s Big Smile Riding Ricky Decker

You know it’s a good fuck when the bottom is smiling ear to ear. Just look at Eric Nero’s big smile as he rides Ricky Decker in Pacific Coast scene 2 at Titan!

It’s the first time I’ve paid attention to Eric Nero and it won’t be the last because the shaved bald stud has all the attributes that make him hot and fun in the sack. Handsome face, ripped body, just the right amount of hair and most importantly a baseball bat of a cock. That cock is easily 9″ and watching it flop up and down as he rides Ricky is hypnotic.

Then in the sack, Eric is a passionate kisser and ass rimmer that will make my legs quiver.

I just hope to see him top and make use of his dong some day.
Eric Nero, Ricky Decker
A mix of wincing and smiles as he gets fucked.

Eric Nero, Ricky Decker
Passionate kisser.

Eric Nero, Ricky Decker

Eric Nero’s dick flopping up and down as he rides Ricky reverse cowboy style.

Eric Nero has such a sweet smile.
Eric Nero
Ricky Decker

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