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adam champ
Adam Champ, Dato Foland Driven

Adam Champ Fucked Dato Foland in a Lincoln

Dato Foland‘s comment that ‘nobody really fantasises about fucking with a condom’ being the reason he decided to join Lucas and go bareback stirred up a lot of controversy. Knowing that Dato Foland barely speaks english, the response looked scripted right out of Lucas’ propaganda machine.

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Massive Hairy Adam Champ Takes JR Bronson and Scott Hunter

Hairy Adam Champ is pretty active in gay porn in the past year and unleashes his thick uncut cock on JR Bronson and Scott Hunter. JR Bronson is very busy climbing all over his furry friend Adam Champ in Muscle Ridge scene 3 at COLT and Adam Champ returns the favour by giving JR a hot and searing fuck that doesn’t end until every last drop of dick-juice is spent. The passion continues in Stag scene 2 where Scott Hunter worships Adam Champ and stays hard as Adam’s furry cock bounces in and out of his ass.

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