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Trenton Ducati’s 5 Men Bukkake in Hole 1

While the gay porn world are discussing Trenton Ducati and Lucas Entertainment’s foray into bareback porn this week, Trenton Ducati is made to submit to five hunks in this fantasy-prison cell of Raging Stallion’s Hole 1. In Hole 1 scene 5, five ultra-hung models Adam Killian, Tommy Defendi, Angel Rock, and Luke Milan circle around a suit wearing Trenton Ducati and stretch his mouth with their weapons, leaving the strapping Ducati with all of their loads in this face.

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Tommy Defendi Is A Hung American

Hung Americans, Part 1 delivers heaping servings of Grade-A cock especially when you see Trenton Ducati and Tommy Defendi‘s cocks. These two are truly hung americans whilst the rest are very hot Americans. In its four scenes, Trenton Ducati‘s high flying flag pole and muscular body sweats pheromones as he consumes furry fuckster Shawn Wolfe; bare backers Logan Stevens and Marcus Isaacs nearly blow the wheels off their mobile home as they fuck; Tommy Defendi‘s fat fucking rips open slim Ray Han in the trailer and Adam Killian plunges inside Tyler Wolf’s hungry hole.

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Lucas Filming Birmingham & Paris

There’s a lot of gay porn filming in U.K. and Europe in the past two years. The latest is Adam Killian, Lucas’ new director replacing Marc MacNamara, and Chris Crisco filming many euro stars. The duo were in Birmingham with Laura Macrow last week filming Donato Reyes , Adriano Carrasco, Fernando Torres & Marco Rubi for a suits theme film. They are now in Paris, having just filmed Edji Da Silva, Fabio Lopez, Joe Gunner & Geoffrey Paine. Edji Da Silva’s husband of 6 months has joined porn and it remains unknown whether the two are in the same scene.

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