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AJ Irons & Spencer Reed in Headhunters 3

This is one of the last scenes for hunky Spencer Reed before the 235 lb bodybuilder goes exclusive with boyfriend Phillip Aubrey and nobody is a better match than latino AJ Irons. In this Headhunters 3 scene, supervisor Spencer Reed calls AJ Irons into his office to give him a warning – if he doesn’t step it up and show him what he’s got, he’s going to be fired. Irons takes his boss’s warning literally and shows his boss his fat Latin cock.

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Men of Hard Muscle by Jet Set

Topher DiMaggioParker London
Hard Muscle by Jet Set Men, which was in the making sicne August, is finally released. It features my favourites Topher DiMaggio in two scenes – Topher DiMaggio annihilating Benjamin Bradley’s perfect ass and Topher fucks Parker London. Then Parker London, usually a bottom, fucks AJ Irons. Marking Angel Rock’s first Jet Set Men film, the new exclusive Angel Rock fucks Andrew Blue who out-sizes him. Others include Donny Wright and Tristan Baldwin.

I’m reserving judgement about Topher’s performance in this film as the preview pictures show a very bored Topher who keeps his eyes closed in both scenes fucking Parker and Benjamin Bradley, as if he’s fantasizing something else.

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Topher DiMaggio and Parker London for Hard Muscle

Topher DiMaggioParker LondonIf you’re still not a fan of Topher DiMaggio by now after his performances in Steamworks by RSS, Ass ‘N Ladders by Jet Set Jocks and Topher fucking Devon Hunter in Fresh Off The Vine, here’s another reason for you to convert. Jet Set Men is currently filming new flick Hard Muscles starring Topher DiMaggio who looks might fine with a ripped smooth body with dark hair and eyes that can drill open any ass. They’ve so far filmed Topher DiMaggio with Parker London and Parker London with AJ Irons.

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Falcon Shoots Dripping Wet 3

Rod Daily and Robert AxelRod Daily and Robert Axel
Falcon just filmed four scenes for new flick Dripping Wet 3 presumably in Palm Springs with a huge cast of including newcomer Jake Austin from Texas and pleasant surprise of Robert Axel (who was CockyBoys and a tranny scene).

It was merely a year ago when Falcon filmed Dripping Wet 2, and it was Erik Rhodes’ first time behind the camera as apprentice to John Bruno. Talk about product placement – Dripping Wet 2 who had all its underwear sponsored by /baskit/ wear, all swimsuits in Dripping Wet 3 come from N2Nbodywear.

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