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Rocco Steele, Jon Shield

Don’t Let Rocco Steele’s 10″ Distort Your Reality

I see so much gay porn that it’s fucked up my sense of reality that I expect all guys in the real world to have 6 pack abs, buns of steel and AT LEAST an 8″ cock.

Rocco Steele‘s rock hard 10″ x 6″ only makes things worse. In the past month, Rocco’s 10″ has dominated the screen so much that I am beginning to think it’s the ‘new normal’ and now every dick I meet in real life will somehow be compared against it.

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Tony Orion is the Cutest Musclepup

Branding himself as a musclepup for the past year he has been doing gay porn, I can’t deny that Tony Orion is the cutest musclepup around with his beautiful baby round eyes and energy. In Open Road part 1 scene 3, Tony Orion takes up the challenge of filling himself with Boomer Banks humongous cock. It’s so fat that Tony’s hand can barely close around it, and it’s long enough for three fists. I love the attention to Tony’s hairy ass as Boomer spanks the hole with his tongue then tongue-fucks it. Tony clenches his hairy buns invitingly as Boomer pile-drives into Tony who is upside down.

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Duncan Black and Alessio Romero Tied

The Armory is pretty active these days recruiting guys from all corners as they just filmed Duncan Black, Ray Han, Hayden Richards, Alessio Romero and boyfriend Rogue Status (I don’t know his real name) for several scenes at Hayden Richards was seen in leather chaps whipping Alessio Romero and boyfriend Rogue Status for BoundGods on Monday and adorable Duncan Black was tortured in Men On Edge yesterday.

Here’s Duncan Black meeting Ray Han having breakfast in San Francisco yesterday morning at Ray is due to appear for another Kink Men scene. I just found out Alessio and Rogue are boyfriends in a daddy and pup relationship.

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Porn Stars Return: Aybars, Angel Rock, Rafael Carreras

Porn stars come and go and here are some faces we haven’t seen in a while.

Angel Rock was heavily promoted when Jet Set signed him as an exclusive but he’s now jacking off solo at CollegeDude, looking bigger and hotter. Raging Stallion exclusive Aybars reappears with a shorter hairstyle in Pounded Down with Trent Locke. The last scene Aybars shot was a year ago for Giants, it’s been so long that I thought he had quit porn. Then there’s Spaniard Rafael Carreras appearing again for Lucas Entertainment topping Jay Roberts in Auditions 43: Euro Guys.

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