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Alex Graham fucks Nick Sterling’s Marvelous Ass in Alpine Wood

If at any moment you doubt you are gay, just look at Nick Sterling‘s ass! It is a marvel that affirms our homosexuality.

Alex Graham just couldn’t ignore Nick Sterling’s ass in Alpine Woods Part 2 scene 3 and he doesn’t hesitate to probe the warm crack with his tongue and thumb before plunging deep in its depth. They fuck in perfect unison of action and reaction. Then they swap, and Nick rams Alex in the missionary position until each triggers the other’s climax and two cocks coat Alex in spooge.

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Nick Sterling’s Ass is Back!

The magnificences of Nick Sterling‘s ass is ingrained in my head that I am constantly on the lookout for it so I am ecstatic that ‘IT’ has returned! I’ve blogged of Nick Sterling’s ass a dozen times including him spreading it on the boat and adding it to my bucket list but that was almost 2 years ago I was beginning to worry he had retired and jumped off my seat when I saw Bruno Bond filmed him in Lake Tahoe that began over the weekend for Falcon with accompanying photos by Kent Taylor highlighting the curvature of Nick’s ass. Cuban hunk Angel Rock is such a hot and lucky guy as he gets the honour to tap that ass. Also on set were Alex Graham, Leo Sweetwood who fucked Ricky Decker (Ricky Decker already got fucked by Landon Conrad, Jimmy Durano earlier for this flick).

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