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Aaron Bruiser, Colby Jansen, Marko LeBeau

Musclebears Aaron Bruiser, Colby Jansen, Marko LeBeau

If you like men with some meat on their bones, Aaron Bruiser, Colby Jansen and Marko LeBeau are the gay porn musclebears of the day. Ranging from a musclecub that is Marko Lebeau to Colby Jansen who is full-on man but is on the edge of being simply ‘fat, these are the kind of guys you wanna have a beer with (because they aren’t on a no calorie diet) and cuddle with after a hot fuck. The appeal for me is their beefy asses and the way they shake when they are fucking.

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My Favourite Men Of Montréal Alexy Tyler and Christian Power Fucked

Two of Men Of Montréal‘s favourites, Alexy Tyler and Christian Power, get fucked in their latest scenes. Handsome Alexy Tyler just never seems to age as he looks hotter every time I see him and here he gets off with young buck Kyle Champagne. Alexy Tyler’s dick is steel hard as he bounces off Kyle’s cock reverse cowboy style. Just a week earlier, body builder Christian Power meets Mario Torrez and got screwed royally by the muscular Torrez. It was interesting to see these two side by side as Christian Power outsizes the already muscular Mario Torrez.

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Muscles Ivan Lenko and Christian Power at Men of Montréal

There’s muscle overload at Men of Montréal as 21 year old Ivan Lenko meets Zeus Christian Power for a romp in the backyard. The two body builders get into intense muscle worshiping and fondling that leads Ivan to fucking his bigger partner.

If you wanna look at pretty faces after checking out the muscles, handsome Gabriel Clark hooks up with Alexy Tyler fucking by the pool. Gabriel Clark loves to pile drive a hot ass, so it was normal that this was how the two end up shooting the scene and fucks the cum outta Alexy and laps it down his throat.

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Félix Brazeau Fucked for the First Time

Félix Brazeau is learning the ropes of getting butt fucked and Alexy Tyler, an experienced bottom, is more than willing to guide him at Men of Montréal. Félix is so turned on at times that he couldn’t stay in place, squirming and gyrating with every deep throating that he was receiving from Alexy. Things got even more intense when it came time for Alexy to fuck the rookie shamelessly, pounding that virgin ass from behind and having Félix squat on him til they deliver a fat load.

There will be more of Féliz getting fucked as he just filmed a scene with British porn star Tyler Tyson this weekend with his legs in the air attacked by the visiting Tyler.

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Newbies Jason Duval and Charles Durand at Men of Montréal

Men of Montréal is busy filming this month and Marko Lebeau introduces newbies Jason Duval and clean cut Charles Durand who moved from France to Montréal to be a chef but made a detour to gay porn. There’s an outdoor scene of Ben Rose and Lorenzo Star out in the snow and I applaud anybody who is able to get hard in the frigid cold as Lorenzo Star sucks Ben Rose in a park bench and a scene of Feliz Brazeau and Alexy Tyler.

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