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Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde’s First AustinZane Fuck

Talk about the fast moving world of gay porn! Austin Wilde and boyfriend Anthony Romero moved on filmed for over the weekend the day after news broke that Austin Wilde had been fired by Next Door Studios for refusing to participate in an orgy scene with all gay-for-pay actors.

Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero do what they do best, steamy straight forward sex at AustinZane titled Fucking Neighbours! Over the coming months, Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero will be working on their own website

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Is Cody Cummings Fucked for Real?

After years of flaunting porn watchers with his heterosexuality and refusing to bottom, Cody Cummings finally gives it up, getting fucked in his last scene before his porn retirement! Yet then antics of his masculinity has gotten so ingrained in my head to the point that I am suspicious whether Cody Cummings is really getting fucked even if Next Door claims so (and we know how trustworthy gay porn studios are!?). In his last scene titled Shadow Kiss, Cody Cummings flip-fucks with Anthony Romero but the darkness of the scene and the moment of Anthony Romero penetrating Cody is so short inconspicuous that makes me wonder if the fucking really took place. On the other hand, the camera was focused on the action when Anthony rode Cody and there’s no mistaking that ass was pillaged.

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