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axel brooks
Theo Ford, Axel Brooks

BTS: Theo Ford, Axel Brooks, Jonan Garcia for Men At Play

Theo Ford has been filming a lot lately and modelled for two scenes this week. The French porn star was in Malaga over the weekend with Spaniards Axel Brooks and Jonan Garcia for Men At Play. My fav MAP star Dani Robles was on set but I can’t tell if he was visiting or if he appeared in the scene as well. It would be great if Dani Robles made an appearance because it’s been a while since his last scene.

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Is Axel Brooks or Arty K the Hotter Boyfriend?

Any gay who doesn’t think Spaniard hunk Axel Brooks is stunning shouldn’t be considered gay. He’s the type of man that will turn heads of any gay or straight. But the man is facing so me stiff competition in the studs department as his boyfriend is equally stunning. Endowed with a chiseled face and ripped abs, his boyfriend Arty K is every man’s wet dream. And judging by the NSFW pictures he has tweeted plus the xxx in his @ArtyKxxx twitter name, Arty is plotting for the gay porn route and I hope he brings Axel Brooks back to gay porn with him. Axel was active in gay porn around 2010-2011 but only appeared in two scenes in 2013. So the big question is: who is hotter?

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