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Benjamin Godfre Looks Good in Petit Q

Benjamin Godfre seems to have of stepped out of the limelight after his 15 minutes of gay porn fame in Oh My Godfre! from last year but this photoshoot for French underwear Petit Q shoes he’s still go the abs. Whilst I never understood him as a gay performer or his personality, I gotta admit he’s got abs that most of us can only dream of sporting these skimpy underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination.

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I’m In Love With Colbra

Putting all the smut aside, I have a heart as well. Colbra, short for Colby Melvin and Brandon Robert Brown, are so adorable that I am in love. These two have it all – brains, brawns, and a heart as they are underwear models and LGBT activists by day and go-go dancers at night. Their love is so sweet it’s practically porn and it’s enough of a reason for me to follow them.

Since meeting on the photoshoot for Andrew Christian last year, 24 year old Colby Melvin and 28 year old Brandon Brown have fallen in love and this month the loving couple have moved in together in West Hollywood and branded themselves as Colbra on Twitter, a young couple committed to each other for a monogamous relationship. For two gay boys living in WeHo, these two seem to have a good head on their shoulders of what they want and where they are going that I can’t but feel happy for them.

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The Many Sides of Colby Melvin

Most of us know Colby Melvin as the underwear model made famous my Andrew Christian this year but there are so many sides to this pretty face. He was first a go-go boy dancing the West Hollywood bars and that’s how he got discovered. Secondly, this Louisiana born 24 year old is a big gay rights advocate oftentimes blogging of the latest gay issues on his website, you may also recall he used his face for a cause in a Youtube video Wrong Direction’s “Disclosure” earlier against the Republicans a few months ago. In this third role, Colby Melvin is also the adorable boyfriend of Brandon Brown and the two make a beautiful couple, modelling for Andrew Christian together and there are enough pictures of them together that make me jealous. Plus he dabbled in DJing last week.

So besides a pretty face and a cute booty, Colby Melvin is a pretty talented guy and Andrew Christian’s photos and videos of him practically qualifies him for porn.

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Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown

Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown are everywhere these days. The loving duo first appeared modelling in Andrew Christian’s videos and has even gone political with their latest video attacking the Republican party titled Wrong Direction’s “Disclosure” by Full Frontal Freedom. There’s no better way to get the message than five pretty boys horsing around advocating transparency.

Colby Melvin is the self-professed goofball with the most adorable lips and killer blue eyes whom you want to stare all all day whilst Brandon Brown is the blond with a mischievous smile who looks like a lot of fun in the sack. It’s hard to choose between the two but if I were ever so lucky, I’d bag them both.

For more of these boys, check them out on Brandon Brown Model Facebook and Colby Melvin twitter.

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