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Gay Porn Star Love That Lasted

Finding love is hard in of itself, just look at the proliferation of online dating. Add in the fact that we gay men are a fickle bunch plus being a gay porn star makes finding true love that lasts a statistical anomaly. I’ve blogged a lot of problematic relationships recently but here are seven that lasted more than a year.

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Porn Stars at Folsom 2012

What would a Folsom Street Fair be without of leather, skin, sex and porn stars! The weekend saw boyfriends Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye hanging out with Liam Magnuson who looks awesome in his leather chaps; plenty of porn stars at the Falcon/RSS Party on Saturday 22nd September and several of them performing at parties.

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Cockwork by Raging Stallion

Cockwork is the gay porn adaptation of the 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange and a Stanley Kubrick film by the same title, now Raging Stallion’s version is about the masculine imagery of the bowler hat, men’s dress shoes, jock straps, socks and sock garters plus porn favourites D.O. and Marc Dylan. The hooligan cast, exclusives D.O., Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan with Tom Wolfe, and Alexander Garrett, as well as fan favorites Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight get dressed up in their inspired attire, and then they get seriously sexed up when Dimarco unleashes them into a surreal gray world where aggressive sex play is the order of the day.

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