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cayden ross

Guess Who

Cayden Ross
Guess who this sexy beast is. We’ve jacked off to this porn star posesssing these 18 inch guns a zillion times. Hint: Randy Blue.

4/01/2012 more...

Derek Atlas fucks Cayden Ross at Randy Blue

Everybody has been looking forward to Derek Atlas getting on with another guy since Derek’s solo debut at Randy Blue 2 months ago. Randy Blue heard the calls and paired hunky Derek Atlas with Cayden Ross for a hot workout scene here and it turns out Derek is as good at sucking cock as he is at fucking. I also love Cayden Ross’s body and wimpers as he takes Derek all the way down to the base.

Chaos Men also released a scene of Derek Atlas getting serviced by Patrick Rouge where Derek does get hard.

2/09/2011 more...

Cayden Ross Stuffed in Both Ends

Everybody is a fan when Cayden Ross gets fucked and he’s stuffed at both ends in this threeway between Cayden Ross, Sean Everett and Danny Harper. Hot redhead Danny Harper and Sean Everett take on tattood Cayden on both ends. Cayden wraps his thick full lips around Sean’s cock while Danny pounded his hungry hole, Cayden was in pure ecstasy. Finally, having their own muscular boy toy at their disposal brought Danny and Sean to a hot sweaty climax as they shot their warm sticky loads all over Cayden’s handsome face, causing him to let loose a gusher of cum all over that beer can sized dick of his.

9/05/2011 more...
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