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Topher DiMaggio fucks furry Justin King at Cocksure Men

Despite their issues, smooth Topher DiMaggio and hairy Justin King come have the hots for each other and can’t keep it to themselves at Cocksure Men. Topher’s cock is already hard and pitching a tent inside his shorts and quickly makes Justin’s furry ass his toy and who wouldn’t want it!?

hey take the action down to the matts and take turns sucking each others cocks. Justin bends over and Topher rams his big cock hard. Justin gets on his back and gets fucked hard until Topher pulls his dick out and fingers Justin’s hole. Justin King shoots his load all over his abs as Topher fingers his ass rapidly. Topher DiMaggio then moves next to his face and pops his load all over Justin’s face.

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Leo Domenico Fucks Tommy Defendi at Cocksure Men

Leo Domenico looks awfully familiar by now because barely a week goes by without a post of him in recent months. Last week Leo Domenico was fucked by Michael Lucas at British Pounds and this week Leo Domenico gets on top and fucks Tommy Defendi at Cocksure Men.

I’ve only ever seen Leo Domenico bottom (I am sure he’s been on top before) and lucky Tommy Defendi gets to look into those puppy eyes as Leo prys into his fuzzy hole.

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Rogan Richards fucks Jake Deckard and Austin Merrick

Alpha top Rogan Richards fucks daddy Jake Deckard and young jock Austin Merrick at Cocksure Men. This scene, filmed last month, sees Rogan taking the dominant role as he calls the shots on the other two and he’s just being himself when we talk about ‘dominant.’

Rogan Richards blogged yesterday that he’s naturally a dom top saying:

There’s nothing that turns me on more than conquering an AGGRESSIVE BTM. And trust me I have had my fair share of amazing SUB BTM’S that have made me their bitch, like my man, TOMMY who makes me wanna cum from just looking at his ass!

There’s plenty more of personal life and pics at Rogan Richards tumblr.

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