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D.O. 40 years old

Dionisio Heiderscheid is the Hottest 40 year old

Dionisio Heiderscheid celebrated his 40th birthday in May 2014 and he is definitely THE HOTTEST 40 year old or even THE HOTTEST MAN out there today!

His frequent social media updates show a man who got hotter with age. At 40, he has some wrinkles and grey on his roots that make him all the more sexier and D.O.’s body hasn’t changed since his first gay porn scene 7 years ago in 2007 – the rippling 8 pack abs and his smooth glutes are unbelievable!

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Damien Crosse, Donato Reyes, Dato Foland in Hotel X

Anything I say is superfluous as the three Ds here (Damien Crosse, Donato Reyes, Dato Foland) are mind-blowingly sexy and their asses are just amazing as Dato Foland and Donato Reyes take turns getting fucked here in Hotel X scene 4 at The Gay Office. The Hotel X series seems to be made exclusively for Dato Foland as he fucked Jay Roberts in scene 1, Dato flip-fucked Arab Abraham Al-Malek in scene 2, and fucked Tony Rivera in scene 3.

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I Am Stalking Marco Rubi in 2014

I admit I can be a stalker when I see a hot guy like I stalked Kyle King‘s every move in 2010-11 or Liam Magnuson in 2013, so I hereby announce that I am stalking and will be blogging a lot about porn newcomer Marco Rubi in the coming year, all made easier now that Marco Rubi has twitter and instagram. Since his first appearances at Kristen Bjorn, I’ve searched far and wide for more of this angel because this Italian is simply too stunning – a muscular body, bubble butt, rosey red handsome face and shockingly an accommodating ass.

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