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edji da silva

Boyfriends Edji Da Silva & Timo Dylan Fuck

Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan are so in love evidenced by the numerous pics Edji tweeted over the past 9 months (from their pride here) so the passion is real in this Lucas scene of Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan flip-fucking. The interview is nice as it serves a prelude of their intense passion and they can’t get enough of each other, with deep gazes into each other and cum rolling off each others’ lips which makes many of us jealous.

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Lucas Filming Birmingham & Paris

There’s a lot of gay porn filming in U.K. and Europe in the past two years. The latest is Adam Killian, Lucas’ new director replacing Marc MacNamara, and Chris Crisco filming many euro stars. The duo were in Birmingham with Laura Macrow last week filming Donato Reyes , Adriano Carrasco, Fernando Torres & Marco Rubi for a suits theme film. They are now in Paris, having just filmed Edji Da Silva, Fabio Lopez, Joe Gunner & Geoffrey Paine. Edji Da Silva’s husband of 6 months has joined porn and it remains unknown whether the two are in the same scene.

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Darius Ferdynand Surrenders To Love with Edji Da Silva

It’s a sexy intimate flip-fuck between Darius Ferdynand and Edji Dal Silva in Surrender To Love scene 3 at Lucas like real lovers making love. Darius is mostly the bottom but he answers Edji Da Silva’s desire to get fucked, something he only does with men he truly cares about. With some passionate sucking and rimming, Darius is more than happy to enter Edji from behind, experiencing his iron-fisted anus!

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Hottest Porn Stars at Gay Pride

If I’d were to pick the hottest guys at this weekend’s gay pride around the world, these four would be it. Billy Santoro and Micah Brandt in Seattle, Liam Magnuson in New York where he also filmed for Lucas and Edji Da Silva in Paris who is so much in love with his man over the past 4 months they made t-shirts announcing the love ‘Forever Yours, Forever Mind.’.

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