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edu boxer
Edu Boxer, Gabriel Vanderloo

Corrupt Police Edu Boxer Bangs Gabriel Vanderloo

Daddy Edu Boxer is a corrupt policeman who spends most of his time patrolling the local cruising ground, on the lookout for horny business men, and forcing them into giving him a long, wet blow job in exchange for their freedom. Edu catches an unsuspecting businessman Gabriel Vanderloo at newest Men At Play action and throws him against his car ready to give his ass a deep, hard pounding. And despite Gabriel’s protests of innocence Edu just ignores him and teaches him a lesson in respecting authority by fucking him harder and deeper each time until finally he’s satisfied and blows is big load all over him.

25/10/2014 more...

Dani Robles Inducted by Edu Boxer at Men At Play

Edu Boxer returns to gay porn and his first Men At Play scene is with newcomer Dani Robles. ‘Stunningly handsome’ is the only way I can describe him, 29 year old Dani looks exceptionally sharp in his brand new suit and is adamant about not getting it ruined but that only gets Edu even more turned on and decided to give the young business man a bit of rough treatment. In the end, the suit is all ruined and covered in cum after getting slammed by Edu but it’s totally worth it because Dani blows a huge cumshot himself.

9/06/2014 more...

Edu Boxer at Butch Dixon

Other than growing out his body hairy and adding bulk, little has changed for Spanish hunk Edu Boxer in the past 4 years, since the cover of COLT‘s Big N’ Plenty. Edu Boxer is now avaialble at Butch Dixon.

13/01/2009 more...
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