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Filming Falcon Edge with Ryan Rose, Adrian Hart, Jimmy Durano

Falcon filmed new flick Falcon Edge this week and with Ryan Rose, Landon Conrad, Adrian Hart, Jimmy Durano and Nick Sterling. Most surprising were the appearances of Jimmy Durano who has been a Hot House exclusive for eternity in gay porn years and beefy Nick Sterling‘s return after his absence from porn for the past year. I look forward to seeing Nick’s stupendous ass in action.

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Falcon Filmed Ryan Rose, Billy Santoro and Bobby Clark

Here are several behind the scenes photos of Tony DiMarco’s new Falcon title consisting of a threeway of Ryan Rose, Billy Santoro and Logan Vaughn filmed yesterday and of Bobby Clark from a day earlier, photographed by Kent Taylor. This comes off the heels of Ryan Rose’s Carribean cruise vacation last week with boyfriend Ethan Slade thru St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, including nude sunbathing in Miami.

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Watching Ryan Rose and Woody Fox is a Beautiful Thing

Ryan Rose has the body of a Greek adonis whilst Woody Fox has his charming side as they are paired with Liam Magnusson and Woody Fox in Bucks County. This is Liam Magnusson’s last scene before retirement and he gets to fucks statueque Ryan Rose in Bucks County part 2 scene 1 on the ranch. Ryan grabs a wooden rail for support when Liam spears him from behind on the fench. Liam goes easy at first, then he grasps Ryan slams him with all the speed and ferocity he can muster. If you love muscle like how every man does, the muscles of both men ripple and bulge as they fuck.

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Gods Ryan Rose and Connor Kline in Bucks County

Connor Kline is looking hotter as a bottom as he presents one of the most perfect asses ever to Ryan Rose in Bucks County 1 scene 3, filmed here. What starts off as a glory hole action in a barn quickly explodes to a hot fuck in the hay with hot close shots of Connor’s hole. Ryan immediately dives into the exquisite mounds tongue first, pinching the globes of Connor’s buns and spreading them. Then, grasping Connor from behind in a half nelson, Ryan power drives his cock into the hot center of Connor’s ass, and they continue fucking until they both dump thick loads on Connor’s smooth chest.

24/11/2013 more...
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