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Big Muscle Against Big Dick at Men of Montréal

Everything is big in this Men of Montréal scene: Christian Power‘s big muscles go against Tyson Tyler‘s big dick. Christian Power has been training hard for an upcoming body building competition and is in top form that Tyson can’t resist worshipping the godly body. Good thing these two like things big as Christian Power reciprocates by sucking and riding Tyson’s hefty 10″ cock. These guys are gargantuan and I really wouldn’t know what to do with them if I was in that scenario.

Tyson Tyler also fucked Felix Brazeau in Men of Montréal with a photo of them hanging out after the filming.

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Christian Power and Alec Leduc in the Woods

Marko Lebeau and the crew at Men of Montréal are hard at work filming some cowboy and farm scenes in the woods this week featuring Alec Leduc in spandex showing his rock hard dick paired to Samuel Arseneau and Christian Power as the lumberjack. Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau just filmed a scene at Campus and given Felix’s announcement that he prefers to bottom, it’s likely he’ll stay there for this scene.

Check out Men of Montréal‘s latest recruit, Adam Landry, who starts off his a solo jack off.

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Surprises from the Men of Montréal

Here’s the video interview with my favourite guys from Men of Montréal when they were in Toronto over the weekend. I asked about their favourite positions and was surprised that Christian Power, the power bottom, actually prefers to top and I was sorely disappointed when Ivan Lenko swore in French he’d never bottom because he’s hot/cute/stunning wrapped into one. Felix Brazeau openly admitted he was a bottom. was Then there’s adorable Samuel Arseneau, who was actually high school friends with Marko Lebeau, who just filmed his first scene with Marco and may be filming more as the twinky top.

I’ve had a crush on Marko Lebeau for the longest time and I admire the 22 year old for his hard work of doing porn and starting his own website. I was even more shocked to learn off the camera that Marko Lebeau started stripping when he was only 16. I was nervous going into the interview because they were so hot but Marko and his business partner were so nice and friendly which helped settle my nerves.

I admire that Marko Lebeau is so willing to challenge himself and deliver hot sex for the site as he scouts new performers and puts them in new positions. Just this week Alec Leduc gets fucked for the first time by newbie Nicholas Potvin.

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My Favourite Men Of Montréal are in Toronto

My favourite Men Of Montréal are in Toronto for the weekend dancing at local strip club Remingtons and I caught up with Marko Lebeau and Ivan Lenko on the dance floor who are as hot and friendly in person as they are in their photos. My jaw dropped when I found out Ivan Lenko is only 21 years old and his body is carved to perfection. The crew including Felix Brazeau, newbie Samuel Arsenau and body builder Christian Power arrived today and were all at the club though I didn’t have a chance to say hi to them all but I am arranging for an interview with these stunning specimen of manhood so wish me luck.

Men Of Montréal also just released a scene of Christian Power being the top , fucking Ben Rose who looks like he’s in pain as he bites down on the blanket with every stroke plunging inside him.

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Félix Brazeau Fucked for the First Time

Félix Brazeau is learning the ropes of getting butt fucked and Alexy Tyler, an experienced bottom, is more than willing to guide him at Men of Montréal. Félix is so turned on at times that he couldn’t stay in place, squirming and gyrating with every deep throating that he was receiving from Alexy. Things got even more intense when it came time for Alexy to fuck the rookie shamelessly, pounding that virgin ass from behind and having Félix squat on him til they deliver a fat load.

There will be more of Féliz getting fucked as he just filmed a scene with British porn star Tyler Tyson this weekend with his legs in the air attacked by the visiting Tyler.

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