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Hans Berlin Nails Handsome Issac Jones

Football Manager Hans Berlin fucks handsome Issac Jones senseless in Foul Play at Men At Play and Issac loves it. Issac’s ass relents and gives in to the handsome, masculine coach who dominates him completely. The men fuck each other right there on the locker room floor with real intensity and chemistry, until they blow their loads. And in case Issac has forgotten his place Hans gives him one final reminder by covering him with his hot cum.

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Benjamin Godfre Looks Good in Petit Q

Benjamin Godfre seems to have of stepped out of the limelight after his 15 minutes of gay porn fame in Oh My Godfre! from last year but this photoshoot for French underwear Petit Q shoes he’s still go the abs. Whilst I never understood him as a gay performer or his personality, I gotta admit he’s got abs that most of us can only dream of sporting these skimpy underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination.

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Johnny Hazzard’s Secret to Surviving Porn

In light of the recent spate of suicides by gay porn stars, Johnny Hazzard shares how he survived gay porn. Huffington Post published Gay Porn: Why Did I Survive? by Tim Valenti (Johnny’s real name) yesterday and the jist to surviving gay porn is not take take it too seriously – have goals and aspirations in the real world because porn is a passing thing that actually doesn’t pay.

I’ve always admired Johnny Hazzard’s looks and longevity in gay porn. Having been in porn for more than a decade, he still has the lean body and handsome looks that gets him recruited including his scenes for Men At Play and UK Naked Men with Paddy O Brian & Issac Jones. Johnny Hazzard is also filming an independant film titled Where We Belong abut two gay estranged brothers and here are latest photos of him alongside Hans Berlin.

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Boyfriends Issac Jones and Aaron Steel

Frenchmen Isaac Jones is so sexy in whatever gear he wears, leather, tattoo and even in a suit. Issac Jones breaks in new toy, Aaron Steel, who happens to be boyfriends in real life so the chemistry is evident. Issac Jones gets Aaron howling, groaning and twitching as he cums all over himself at Butch Dixon. Besides porn, this couple also parties and performs a lot together.

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