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Nick Capra & Nica Noelle

Nick Capra Returns to Gay Porn and Filmed with Jessie Colter

Shortly after signing up with Ducati Models, Nick Capra has filmed his first gay porn scene in 4 years (Nick Capra’s last scene was with Vinnie D’Angelo for Cocksure Men in April 2010.) Nick filmed two scenes this week, one with Hot Dads Hot Lads (coincidentally another Jake Cruise brand which owns Cocksure Men that shot his last scene) with an unnamed scene partner and yesterday’s scene fucking Jessie Colter for Rock Candy Films, directed by Nica Noelle. Man, Nick looks good!

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Gay Porn Star Love That Lasted

Finding love is hard in of itself, just look at the proliferation of online dating. Add in the fact that we gay men are a fickle bunch plus being a gay porn star makes finding true love that lasts a statistical anomaly. I’ve blogged a lot of problematic relationships recently but here are seven that lasted more than a year.

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Christian Wilde Fucks Jessie Colter in Wilde Road 3

I have great respect for porn stars because not only do they have to work out incessantly for their bodies, maintain erections and even be acrobatic as they fuck – just watch Christian Wilde ram Jessie Colter in a hammock and in a wheelbarrow, for our carnal pleasure here in the 3rd episode of Wilde Road series at NakedSword. The amazing thing is that Christian’s cock is huge and there aren’t too many asses with the capacity to take that whopping cock like Jessie Colter can so it’s perfect match.

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