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Muscle Fuck John Magnum & Justin King

One’s hairy, the other is smooth and bald, but they add up to lots of muscles. The best is that hairy Justin king really enjoys sex and has fun in his scenes as he bottoms for John Magnum at Cocksure Men. The two beefy men start off kissing and feeling each other’s amazing pecs but you can tell Justin is way into it when he launches his thick load across his hairy abs at the end.

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Topher DiMaggio fucks furry Justin King at Cocksure Men

Despite their issues, smooth Topher DiMaggio and hairy Justin King come have the hots for each other and can’t keep it to themselves at Cocksure Men. Topher’s cock is already hard and pitching a tent inside his shorts and quickly makes Justin’s furry ass his toy and who wouldn’t want it!?

hey take the action down to the matts and take turns sucking each others cocks. Justin bends over and Topher rams his big cock hard. Justin gets on his back and gets fucked hard until Topher pulls his dick out and fingers Justin’s hole. Justin King shoots his load all over his abs as Topher fingers his ass rapidly. Topher DiMaggio then moves next to his face and pops his load all over Justin’s face.

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Trenton Ducati, Paddy O’Brian and Justin King at Hot Rods Awards

A bevy of porn stars are in London for the weekend for Hot Rods Awards, the British equivalent of America’s Grabby’s, including Americans Trenton Ducati, Chi Chi LaRue and Landon Conrad. Also British performers Paddy O’Brian and best mate Paul Walker showed up for the awards whilst cute Justin King even won the award for Best Bottom. Given that it’s Hustlaball in London as well, expect more pics of sex from these porn stars.

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Trenton Ducati, Matt Rush and Justin King in Hustlaball Brussels

Hustlaball was held over the weekend in conjunction with Brussels gay pride that flew Americans Trenton Ducati and Matthew Rush over the Atlantic to partake in the parties that included Matthew Rush fucking Trenton Ducati on stage. Plus adorable Brit Justin King (who has a great interview with Queer Pig) and Swedish couple Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand also performed in jocks and leather harness.

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