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Mick Lovell and Kris Evans at Belami

I’ve been longing Mick Lovell since his last scene in the series in Summer With Mick Lovell (Mick, Kris, & Colin; Mick Lovell & Gaelen Binoche; Mick Lovell fucks Todd Rosset). I almost died when this 2 part scene between Mick Lovell and handsome Kris Evans in which they suck each other in the part 1 and Kris Evans fucks Mick Lovell in part 2.

There are so many shots of the scene Mick Lovell it’s practically spam but I don’t care when it comes to Mick.

Mick Lovell, when are you gonna start shooting porn?

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Ending Summer of Love with Mick Lovell, Kris Evans and Colin Hewitt

The worst part of ending my summer 2012 is there won’t be anymore scenes from The Summer of Love with Mick Lovell at Bel Ami. Goldenboy Mick Lovell has been amazing in every chapter of the series starting with Vadim Farrell fucking Mick Lovell bareback; Mick Lovell fucks Todd Rosset; Mick Lovell makes love to Gaelen Binoche, and now Mick Lovell gets double the fun with Kris Evans and Colin Hewitt in the last scene. Part 1 which is live now sees big dicked Mick Lovell and Kris Evans give Colin Hewitt a serious pounding while in Part 2 live on Saturday has Kris and Collin give it to Mick Lovell like only seasoned BelAmi studs could!

I wish summer wasn’t coming to an end so soon!

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Mick Lovell Appearing Live at Bel Ami Today is hosting their first live show today at 14:00 EST featuring the stunner Mick Lovell who is currently in Prague filming for them. It’s hosted during the workday but there is no better reason to use that sick day or going out to ‘meet a client’ than today if you want to find out more about Mick. This picture above is of Mick today, fresh after his haircut and ready to meet fans. is filming this week and below are some beauties from the shoot.

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