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Will Helm and Kriss Aston Have Hot Sex Off Camera

I’ve been going thru a bit of withdrawl cuz I haven’t seen my crush Will Helm in at least half a year, his last scene was at Buddy Crush getting fucked by Leo Domenico in summer 2013, and was glad when I saw that Will Helm is still getting his share of hot sex even though it wasn’t for gay porn. Based on their Recon profile, Will Helm and boyfriend Kriss Aston are still getting lots of hot sex including leather scenes and even playing with a cock pump and I am also sure throngs of men are messaging them for a hot 3 ways but my excitement was quickly overcome by anxiety realising that they openly fuck bareback (their profile states explicitly ‘never’ safe sex.)

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Will Helm and Kris Aston in French Riviera

It’s been a while since I have seen Will Helm and these are the latest finds of the handsome French porn star taking a break with boyfriend Kris Aston (who has moved to bareback porn) taking a break in French Riviera. The couple took the train to Montpellier to visit family and spend time under the sun. I am glad to see that Will Helm is still his handsome self and the two are happily in love.

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Gay Porn Star Love That Lasted

Finding love is hard in of itself, just look at the proliferation of online dating. Add in the fact that we gay men are a fickle bunch plus being a gay porn star makes finding true love that lasts a statistical anomaly. I’ve blogged a lot of problematic relationships recently but here are seven that lasted more than a year.

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