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Landon Conrad and Matt Hart Fuck in Same Dirty Room, Same Positions for Two Sites

These two scenes were filmed on the same day at the same garage with same characters and even the same positions. This is a sign of how commercial and orchestrated gay porn has become. Landon Conrad and Matt Hart fuck in a flimsy piece of foam in Right Tool For The Job at Men Over 30 the switched over to a filthy bed at High Performance Men. They even went through the same positions.

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Hot Fucks: Leo Domenico Fucked Dillon Rossi in 6 Degrees of Separation

It’s a small world after all and it’s even truer for gay porn world.

It’s not untrue to say ‘every body has fucked every body’ and I prove it here. Though Leo Domenico has never actually met CockyBoys Dillon Rossi, they practically fucked through their scenes within the past few months, they just don’t know it. Here is how Leo and Dillon are linked by six degrees of separation.

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