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Lucas Ent. Tried to Censor Me for Blogging the Obvious

My experience over the past six years as a gay porn blogger is that gay websites and studios are still trying to control everything that is written about them and try to crack down on any comment that deviates from the image they try to portray even if the message is true. Last week, Lucas Entertainment tried to censor my post about Trenton Ducati’s HIV status, titled Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas.

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Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas

Trenton Ducati, formerly an advocate for condom porn, has switched sides and is now a Lucas Entertainment bareback exclusive for three months. As of the announcement yesterday, he’s already filmed a scene and the first scene of Trenton Ducati barebacking is a flip-fuck with Blue Bailey to be released 8th November 2013. Blue Daily started his gay porn career at Treasure Island and is openly HIV+ and so pretty safe to say (no pun) that Trenton Ducati is HIV+ himself because no sane person would take his own health risk for a gay porn scene.

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Joey Banks Rides Vito Gallo’s Big Cock

It’s hard to believe that Vito Gallo is not filming enough when he stars in a new scene so often. Tall, built, handsome Vito Gallo packs one of the biggest cock that will tear Joey Banks apart as he gets fucked for the first time in Deep Dicking scene 3 at Lucas. Vito gives Joey’s ass a licking when he’s ready to break in the bottom’s hole and Joey takes it deep, long, and hard. Vito is aggressive and knows how to lay pipe.

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Boyfriends Edji Da Silva & Timo Dylan Fuck

Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan are so in love evidenced by the numerous pics Edji tweeted over the past 9 months (from their pride here) so the passion is real in this Lucas scene of Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan flip-fucking. The interview is nice as it serves a prelude of their intense passion and they can’t get enough of each other, with deep gazes into each other and cum rolling off each others’ lips which makes many of us jealous.

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