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Parade of Québec Porn Stars

Blame it on the joie de vivre and the relaxed Catholic attitude towards sexuality, Québec prides itself in having the most strip joints in the world. This laissez-faire attitude has translated to more porn stars coming out of Montréal in recent years thanks to the scouts at Next Door and Lucas Entertainment. Here’s a parade of them.

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Canadians Marko LeBeau and Mike Matters

Besides maple leaf syrup and free healthcare, guys like Marko LeBeau and Mike Matters make me proud to be Canadian though sadly the two are straight.

I love stocky Marko LeBeau‘s hairy legs and ass as he strokes himself off in the woods here at Next Door Male. Mike Matters is paired with John Sebastian in Hard Wood by COLT as the two muscled dudes find some alone time behind a cabin in the woods… a hot and heavy game of posing, showing off and checking each other out ’til they whip out their dicks yet all the while refusing to touch each other.

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