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Marc Dylan Cums Like a Geyser

Marc Dylan is the model for porn professionalism, the guy works out hard for his perfect body, has an amazing ass we can’t get enough of, and add that he’s got the perfect cum when the situation calls for it. Marc Dylan cums like a geyser in scene 6 of Uniform Men by COLT. Full copious loads of cum like that requires refraining from cumming for several days prior to the scene plus (I hear) some vitamins or supplements, all of which I am certain Marc Dylan followed diligently.

Here’s Nate Karlton fucking Marc Dylan in scene 6 of Uniform Men.

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Nate Karlton Tops Samuel Colt in Muscles In Leather

COLT releases scene three of Muscles In Leather starring Samuel Colt and Nate Karlton. I am a huge fan of bodybuilder leather man Samuel Colt and his willingness to bottom brings his attraction to new heights! The whole scene involves lots of leather in sweaty muscles as the two musclemen worship each other. My favourite are the close-up assplay of Samuel’s asshole knowing well that Nate is gonna fill it with his cock in minutes. The plethora of kissing, pits smelling, ass play and my favourite- Samuel Colt’s dirty talking as he gets fucked – makes this scene a cummer!

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Looking Forwards to Muscles IN Leather by COLT

Things have been rather quiet at COLT over the past year, probably due to some financial stress last year, but the studio famous for its line-up of muscles is releasing a new flick at IML 2011 next month titled Muscles In Leather. Teasers reveal that Muscles In Leather stars body builder Samuel Colt (presumably no longer a Mustang exclusive) bottoming for COLT Man Nate Karlton plus lovers Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey. It also marks Kristofer Weston’s first time in the director’s seat for a COLT film as he has been directing Buckshot films only thus far.

I don’t know if this signifies a trend but Samuel Colt first bottomed for daddy Jim Ferro in Worked Up! and now he’s giving it up to Nate Karlton, I definitely welcome Samuel Colt’s versatility and my ultimate fantasy is for his boyfriend Chris Porter to fuck him.

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