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Straight to Gay Rectodus Society

The latest scene at Next Door Buddies may be a reflection of what’s really going on at the studio, converting straight guys to gay, something sorely needed as the majority of Next Door guys are gay-for-pay. Rectodus Society is a secret organisation that helps straight men learn gay sex with Cody Cummings as a counselor. […]

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Men of Hard Muscle by Jet Set

Topher DiMaggioParker London
Hard Muscle by Jet Set Men, which was in the making sicne August, is finally released. It features my favourites Topher DiMaggio in two scenes – Topher DiMaggio annihilating Benjamin Bradley’s perfect ass and Topher fucks Parker London. Then Parker London, usually a bottom, fucks AJ Irons. Marking Angel Rock’s first Jet Set Men film, the new exclusive Angel Rock fucks Andrew Blue who out-sizes him. Others include Donny Wright and Tristan Baldwin.

I’m reserving judgement about Topher’s performance in this film as the preview pictures show a very bored Topher who keeps his eyes closed in both scenes fucking Parker and Benjamin Bradley, as if he’s fantasizing something else.

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Topher DiMaggio First Time Rimming

Topher DiMaggio and Parker London
Topher DiMaggio is one porn star who gets hotter by the day and Jet Set Jocks captured him eating ass for the first time with Parker London in its latest gym scene.

Topher DiMaggioBesides that, Topher DiMaggio also the winner of Dominic Ford‘s reality series So You Think You Can Fuck. Topher DiMaggio fucks Micah Andrews in the sixth and final episode of So You Think You Can Fuck. There aren’t many scenes in which Topher DiMaggio talks and I was surprised watching the preview below that he seemed so nervous and jittery compared to his quiet composed self in his fuck scenes.

Plus Topher will appear in Naked Sword series Golden Gate that premieres exclusively on Naked Sword, featuring solos, interviews with the stars, behind-the-scenes clips, and of course the hardcore scenes. The first episode is available November 15.

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